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reference library

Photographic reference for Dalek builders

The Daleks The Dalek Invasion Of Earth The Chase
The Daleks' Master Plan Power Of The Daleks Evil Of The Daleks
Doctor Who And The Daleks Daleks: Invasion Earth, 2150 AD Day Of The Daleks
Planet Of The Daleks Death To The Daleks Genesis Of The Daleks
Destiny Of The Daleks Resurrection Of The Daleks Revelation Of the Daleks
Remembrance Of The Daleks Dalek The Parting Of The Ways
Doomsday Daleks In Manhattan Evolution Of The Daleks
The Stolen Earth Journey's End Victory Of The Daleks

Access to good photographic reference material is essential when you are building a Dalek. It is often difficult to locate photographs and many hours can be wasted trawling the internet. In this section, we have brought together a selection of Dalek photographs and screengrabs from every Dalek story. Simply click on the buttons above to access the individual photo galleries. The photographs cover every major Dalek variant and show a wide range of details from various angles. Ideal for checking out those all important variations!

Please note that all photographs are for reference purposes only and Project Dalek makes no claim to ownership. The images remain the property of the copyright owners and are reproduced here at a minimal resolution, in good faith.