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On this page we showcase some of the 'Virtual Daleks' that have been created by Project Dalek Forum members. This selection is only a small sample of the body of work created by our 'virtual' members.

Computer-generated Daleks are a recent addition to the forum repertoire. We found that a great number of people were using the 'real life' plans to create their CGI Daleks and it made perfect sense to give these talented individuals their own area of the Forum in which to chat, exchange ideas and display their work.

The virtual world offers opportunities to experiment with Dalek design and colour variations. Dalek styles can be quickly mixed and matched to produce some excellent hybrids. Stunning results have been achieved by mixing Movie, NSD and Imperial design elements together to produce unique, never-seen Dalek designs.


For more superb renders, check out the Dalek 3D Art Galleries at: