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download the six page preview version of the dalek builders workshop manual

The 'Workshop Manual'


The 'Dalek Builder's Workshop Manual' is a 36-page, full-colour booklet containing all the information you need to begin constructing a full-size Dalek (of any type).

It covers all aspects of a Dalek build, section by section. Where appropriate, alternative construction methods are given so that builders can work within their abilities. For example, major Dalek sections could be made from wood or fibreglass, as both construction methods are covered.

The 'Workshop Manual' is intended to be used in conjunction with the Project Dalek Plans. Simply choose the plans for the type of Dalek you wish to make and use the Workshop Manual to help you put it together.


  How do I get a copy?

The 'Workshop Manual' is available exclusively to members of Project Dalek. In order to obtain a copy you must first join the Project Dalek Forum. It's free to join but we do encourage you to consider making a donation when registering, by choosing the 'donation' subscription package.

Once you are a validated member you will have access to the Dalek plans and also access to further information on how to obtain the 'Workshop Manual'.



dalek builder's workshop manual contents photograph

Photo shows example pages from the 'Workshop Manual', plus the '2005 Series Dalek Plans' which are available for members to download.