The Dalekalendars


Every year since 2006, Project Dalek has produced calendars, known to members as the 'Dalekalendars'. They include photos of Daleks built by Project Dalek members and are meant as a celebration of members' talents.

Much of the artwork presented in the calendars is at small scale or is presented as part of bigger composites, with some parts of the images obscured by other design elements. A lot of this artwork is worth a second look, so we've put together this section to present some of the very best Dalekalendar material in all its unobscured glory.

Click on the links (left) to access the various years... but before you do that, check out the 'Skaro Attacks' postcards, as seen in the 2007 Dalekalendar. Click on the postcards to view them at full size.



Skaro Attacks - Postcards From Oblivion