Dalek Plans

Project Dalek offers plans for most types of Dalek. They are available free to Project Dalek Forum members. Join the Forum to gain access to the downloads. All plans booklets are presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to read them, you must have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.

Available to Forum members...

Classic Dalek Plans

Shawcraft Mk 1, 2 and 3 Dalek Plans

The plans have now been split into three separate booklets for the Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 Daleks. This split helps to present the variations in a more detailed and logical manner. A great deal of new information has come to light over the last few years, some of it measured directly from original props, some derived by painstaking use of CG modelling and some coming from rare high resolution images. All this information has been gathered together for the first time and used to create this updated set of plans, which represent a significant advance in classic Dalek accuracy.

Movie Dalek Plans

Movie Dalek Plans

This booklet includes plans for the Daleks from both Dalek films. For the first time ever, details of all aspects of these Daleks have been brought together in one place. With a detailed introduction by PDF member 'moviedalek', the booklet also contains plans for both the fender base and the claw, along with extensive annotations and a painting/style guide.

Imperial Dalek Plans

Imperial Dalek Plans

This sixteen-page booklet contains the plans for the Imperial Daleks featured in the 1988 story Remembrance Of The Daleks. The introduction and footnotes provide additional information on the construction methods employed on the original props. Essential reading for all Imperial Dalek builders and enthusiasts.

New Series Dalek Plans

The 2005 Series Dalek Plans

The updated version of the Dalek design which hit our screens in 2005. Also known as the 'New Series Dalek Plans', this booklet was developed after extensive research and access to original screen-used props by Project Dalek Forum members. Additional notes and comments have been included to help you along with your build. The plans also include dimensions for the 'cutting claw' attachment, as seen in The Parting Of The Ways.

2008 Series Supreme  Dalek Plans

The 2008 Series Supreme Dalek Plans

Plans for the amazing red Dalek seen in the series finale of Season Four. Not only does this plans set cover the basic design, used on the standard new series Daleks but also includes detailed information on the various changes and augmentations which are unique to this design. The changes to the neck and light cages are comprehensively covered, as are the new 'neck clamps' which give this Dalek its distinctive look.

New Dalek Paradigm Plans Preview

The 2010 Series 'New Dalek Paradigm' Plans

A beta release of plans for the 2010, New Dalek Paradigm (NDP) design. Although this Dalek variant is widely regarded as unpopular, these plans are a long awaited addition to the Project Dalek downloads library. Most of the dimensions are derived from a computer generated model, which has been through a very long period of development. The starting point was the hemisphere size, which was known for definite. The sizes for (just about) all of the other parts were derived using the hemisphere as a starting point.

True Dalek Paradigm Plans Preview

The 'True' Dalek Paradigm Plans

This is for all those who remain unhappy with the New Dalek Paradigm (above). Project Dalek has produced an exclusive, alternative version. These plans were produced using Peter Mckinstry's original concept artwork as reference, combined with our years of experience and understanding of original, accepted (and much loved) Dalek prop geometry. The result is something which follows Peter's concept closely but also manages to retain more of the key design cues and proportions which have made the Daleks so popular, over the last five decades. Our take on what the New Dalek Paradigm could have been..


Mechmaster Mk6 Dalek Plans

This is the next phase of Dalek 'evolution' as realized through the imagination of Project Dalek member 'Mechmaster', (designer of STORM). A unique Dalek design, these plans bring Mechmaster's 'Mk6 Dalek' within the reach of all 'real world' Dalek builders.

These beautiful and radical plans present a design which is exclusive to the Project Dalek Forum.


The Davros Chair Plans

Not quite a Dalek, but definitely inspired by the Dalek's design, and a variation on the Dalek skirt. These plans give you all the information you need to create a life-size replica of the Davros chair. This updated version now includes revised drawings of the two basic classic console designs plus exclusive schematics for the latest version of the chair seen in Season Four of the new series.

Evolution, Dalek style guide


Ever wondered about all the Dalek style variations that have occurred over the years? This download covers all the variations with a keen eye for detail. With contributions from several Project Dalek Forum members, this booklet will help you sort out exactly what your Dalek should look like, if you intend to match a design from a certain story, episode or era.

Voice Modulator Assembly Manual

Voice Modulator Assembly Manual

This 24 page booklet by Project Dalek member, 'Fenris' ties in with the topic (of the same name) which can be read in the Voice Modulator section of the Forum, here.

The Manual, (when used in conjunction with the Forum topic) has all the information you need to build a budget voice modulator, either from scratch or from various kit options which may be offered from time to time. The manual contains build instructions, a parts list, PCB layouts and a DIY PCB etching guide.

But that's not everything...

There are also more downloads containing CAD files for the 2005 Series Dalek and a booklet dedicated to the Picaxe micro controller system, for those who wish to motorize their finished Daleks. Also on the horizon is another exclusive plans set!