Project Dalek Forum


What Is The Project Dalek Forum?


The Project Dalek Forum is the central 'hub' of the Project Dalek community. It is where members discuss their Dalek builds and talk about all aspects of Dalek construction, design and operation.

Joining the forum is easy. Click on the banner above and it will take you to the 'PDF' front page. If you are already a member, you will have instant access. If you are visiting 'PDF' for the first time, please read through the 'welcome' topic, which will give you details on how to register.

Joining is free, though we do encourage new members to join using the 'Active Membership' subscription package, which gives instant access and access to extra Forum features. For free membership, your account is queued for validation which can take a while to process. All members have access to the 'downloads' area were you will find the Dalek plans and other useful booklets. You will also have access to the information on how to obtain the 'Dalek Builder's Workshop Manual'.

PDF is fully searchable, so you will have little difficulty finding an answer to your Dalek-building question. There is also a gallery section where original Dalek reference photos can be viewed and submitted.

Like the rest of Project Dalek, PDF is 'build focused' so there is little room for anything even remotely off topic. The sections are constantly updated and distilled in order to make it as easy as possible for members to find the information they require.



What subjects does PDF cover?

  • Plans and downloads

  • Classic 60s Daleks, 70s Daleks

  • 1980s Imperial and Renegade Daleks

  • The 'New Series' 2005 design Dalek

  • Custom Dalek Designs, some exclusive to Project Dalek

  • The Davros chair (including plans)

  • Builder's diary section

  • Working with fibreglass

  • Working with wood, metal, plastic and other materials

  • Painting your Dalek

  • Dalek construction, section by section

  • Electronics including voice modulation

  • Fully motorising your Dalek

  • Dalek prop history

  • Computer generated Daleks

  • Scale model Daleks plus much, much more



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