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16 September 2019

  • Tim & Sam’s TDP
    Hello, So here goes. My son & I have started this together. He wants to have a blue TDP (no amount of persuasion can get him to plump for a NSD). I’ve started with the head first:- about to make the former next. The first issue I have come across is that the TDP plans do not detail the radius used for the head. I’m doing draft templates with a radius of 274mm and will stick with this unless someone can let me know otherwise. In the meantime I’ve 3D printed a Moflash lens and plan to use this to create a mold where I can knock up what I need and also get spares from it. Link to lens files:-
  • Kill's Dalek
    I have no idea what I am doing. My 8-yr-old son really wants to be a Dalek for Halloween. I grew up with Tom Baker, so I decided I would build him a dalek from that era... then because I am me, I decided to go all in. I found this site and ordered the builders manual. That was two weeks ago. My only experience with anything mildly relatable to this would be replacing bulkheads in my sailboat and pattern creating for fabric costumes. (I had no idea what I was doing then either. Seems it's just how I learn.) I waited a couple of weeks, and now there's only like 7 weeks until the holiday, and since I'm in Florida there is no manual. I rechecked this site and found the downloads and a the build diaries, significantly Bec & Jek's and Jonathan's Pertwee-Baker Era Dalek . I am in no way as proficient as Jek or Jonathon, and I was inspired to tone down some of my loftier aspirations given my time constraint. I understand this is still a colossal task. Lucky for me I only work weekends, so I'm hoping once I get in the groove, so to speak, I will be able to pull it off. My friends have been collecting cardboard for me for a while now, and it seems that while the pieces are very strong, most of the boxes are not big enough. Today I have been reading, measuring, reading, researching and cutting. I decided to start with the neck since all the material I have right now is too small to work on the skirt. I can already tell I will be recutting some rings. If I can get going quickly enough, I am strongly considering glassing, or at least resin coating the thing. For now it's only cardboard, as I'm not sure what will become of it after the holiday. My son and I live aboard our boat most of the year and have no room for the dalek. If I can find a home for him, I will definitely beef him up
  • Dalek Shan
    I've been looking into building a Dalek for two years... And it's finally time to start this diary. I received a $500 gift card when I gave up my flight and took a later one last week, and I've decided to use this (and this thread) to motivate me into finally building. I'm going for a NSD with the color scheme of the Red Paradigm Drone. I loved the poster on the wall in Stuart's Comic Book Shop in Big Bang Theory, but I really don't want to build a Paradigm Dalek. So the maroon and dark gray theme it is! I've decided to name the Dalek "Shan", after the character in Davros the audiobook. I made a friend at DragonCon who has a 3-D printer and is willing to help me with whatever I need. I'm trying to figure out what to print, what to buy, and what to craft myself. I would normally wait a bit longer to post this (for instance, once I actually started working on it...), but I'm hoping to buy the first things needed to make it this week. I'm hoping that this will help push me off the edge and start! So... Hopefully the rest of the posts will be more interesting than this. But, here we go!
  • Robert's Dodge Dalek
    Hello everyone. many moons ago I downloaded and started a 80s Dalek build but sadly things like work and life got in the way and it has been sitting dormant for about 7 years. Till now that is as I have finally decided to pull my finger out and finish it. It will now be a mishmash of Tv and Movie Daleks. wish me luck.
  • Dalek Vexx
    Not my own work but another beautiful Dalek built for me.
  • R2xtrmin82
    G'day all 21 years ago I propossed to my girlfriend and she said yes. 21 years later and we still have yet to get married but all that is about to change . . we have decided to have a sci-fi themed wedding, Star trek, Star Wars, Babylon5 and Dr Who! To that end I have been making props and costumes for the big day and now the main attraction . . a Dalek! Now this won't be any old Dalek, it will be a mixture of different Dalek designs, mostly from the mark II & III variants with elements from later variants thrown in for good measure. I am also adapting the design to suit my limited [almost non-existant] budget and skill level. To compensate I will be approaching this like a giant model [spars & formers, etc], faccum forming anything I need out of EVA foam and basically using recycled materials whenever possible. And as the name implies it will have an R2D2 inspired livery. I started work on the Dalek 3 weeks ago . . for the base design I am following the Radio Times instructions. Because I am rather tall & broad shouldered with large feet, I have opted to forgo the standard tricycle layout for a more stable base . . that and I really liked keeping it simple using the little trolley under the seat to support the weight of the operator. Currently I am um*ing and ah*ing about modifying the rear into a hatch for ease of access cause getting in is a bloody nuisance.
  • Dalek Supreme
    So I'm a bit of a latecomer to this party and I doubt I have much to share that isn't already known on this forum. Still, there might be something. As it happens, I have made a LOT of mistakes and so have insights that the more skilled and successful builders may never have had to consider. I strongly suggest the SPECIAL NOTES to be essential since there will be things I either didn't know or found useful. I joined project Dalek and after reading a bit on the forums, downloaded plans and ordered the "Builder's Workshop Manual". If you plan to build a Dalek, this is a MUST! After reading through the manual, I decided to start my build. I decided to go for a 2008 Series Supreme because it is distinctive and I thought it looked really cool. That was my first mistake. I had also decided to go the fiberglass route so that I could build a mold and perhaps make more than one Dalek or at least help a few other people I knew who had an interest. I also wanted a light weight Dalek and all the weight and whatnot of a wooden Dalek looked like a big pain. SPECIAL NOTE: The reason the choice of a Supreme was a mistake is that the Shoulder for the Supreme does not have the trapezoidal indentation in the front. That means my shoulder is peculiar to this Dalek only and would have to be modified to work for any other NSD Dalek. I discovered this AFTER I had already started. I used Solidworks and began translating the plans into CAD files. I am a member of the Dallas Makerspace and have access to several CNC tools. The ones I used the most are a CNC router, LaserPrinter and 3D-printer. I ran some test cuts for the skirt and the shoulder frame. I built a test skirt out of cardboard cut on the laser printer and also cut critical parts for the shoulder frame. SPECIAL NOTE: While the skirt turned out perfect, I SHOULD have used the CNC router to cut the shoulder frame parts. The laser printer left a burn residue on the wood and that caused me some time cleaning it up by sanding it down. These tests led me to try building the shoulders first since they are clearly the most complicated part of this build and I decided that if I could overcome the hardest part, the rest would fall into place. I laser cut the gun boxes and the front design pieces. I cut out the gun box indent and saved the cut out piece. I glued that piece across the hole I had created diagonally to create the indent on the gun box. This worked beautifully. I attached the two gun boxes and braced and glued them with a cross piece of wood. Since this is only to hold them in place, the wood did not have to be particularly thick.I assembled the shoulder frame with specific rings for the different shapes of the shoulders. These rings allowed me to fill the void with pink insulating foam and use a custom made hot wire tool to cut the foam along the rings. Making the custom hot wire cutters was a simple task. I just needed the distance between the rings and I could CAD a "C" shaped piece of wood, attach a piece of hot wire and power it with a surplus transformer that gave me a 5V or 12V DC output. The Ni chrome foam cutting wire is inexpensive and easy to obtain. Using the rings as a guide for the hot wire cutter gave me the shape I wanted. I made Two of different sizes and had very acceptable results. SPECIAL NOTE: The Ni chrome wire expands when heated so it would become slack once it got heated. I used a spring to try to combat this but that allowed it to stretch when I applied tension as it cut. I have since read that people will use a single Bass guitar tuning key so that it could be tensioned when it went slack. I did not use this but it would have solved an error that creeped into my build.
  • Dalek Monica - Rescued From 20 Years Of Oblivion
    20 years ago, I was a 12 year old dalek obsessive with a singular mission: to own my very own dalek. Recruiting my father, whose complex joinery skills had recently been honed building a wooden boat from scratch, we embarked on our ambitious project. These were the days before blueprints were available on the internet, and we only had a Comet scale model and woefully inaccurate Radio Times plans from the 1970s as references. Nevertheless, we ploughed ahead with our prototype - a ¼ scale model. It was a good effort despite some obvious proportional problems, and we felt ready to tackle the real thing. A costly trip to B&Q equipped us with enough MDF to provide wheelchair access to the whole of Skaro, and Dad had some GRP left over from his boat. Sadly, I don’t have any photos from this stage of construction. We used the radial forming method suggested by the Radio Times with cement and plaster of Paris to form a pretty decent dome mold, and this was our first complete section. I learned more about angles and trigonometry making that skirt than in any GCSE maths lesson. Lacking plans, we had to improvise on the shoulder covering with card and PVA glue which was flimsy but passable. We were making pretty good progress, but we stalled at the balls. In those days, ready made 10cm hemispheres were hard to come by and Amazon still only sold books. My grandfather turned me two beautiful wooden spheres to use as ball joints, but to churn out 56 would probably have killed the 88 year old and made the dalek so heavy it would have fallen through the floor. Time passed, I became a teenager and therefore interested in other things, and suddenly 20 years passed. When Doctor Who came back on TV in 2005, the daleks looked decidedly less home made, and so the dalek was left to gather dust in the attic of my parents’ garage. Fast forward to July 2018,My father sends me a WhatsApp with this picture and provides me with an ultimatum: "we're clearing the garage. if you don't take this off my hands it's going on the bonfire." Prompted by this jolt of nostalgia, I decided to get onto Amazon and found that you could buy about 100 ready made 10cm hemispheres for about a tenner, ostensibly sold as transparent orbs to use as Christmas decorations. In my mind, the final obstacle to dalek completion was lifted! A few Googles later, I discovered this community and the amazingly detailed plans available here. Excitedly, I ran to B&Q and buy pipes, rods, perspex and gallons of chrome spray paint to start building appendages, the only part of dalek manufacture I could feasibly complete in a London flat with limited tools. This week I returned to the family home armed with detailed and accurate blueprints, collar and belt templates and a giant sheet of aluminium with the sole purpose of finishing a dalek. Initial Inspection of the husk gathering dust in the garage dusk revealed glaring inaccuracies in almost every dimension, most notably the neck bin which left the dome teetering precariously. Rebuilding the neck bin to the correct dimensions revealed that the shoulders are now far too narrow - the top piece is an oval for some reason known only to 12 year old me. As a result, the collar piece based on the templates sticks out far too far at the sides. Rebuilding and re-covering this will be the next stage of construction and I feel will go a long way to resolving her overly skinny appearance from the front, along with building the fender out of timber and and black speaker cloth to go inside the neck. The skirt is also a little too skinny, but rebuilding this will kill me, so I'm not planning on doing this any time soon. Generally I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going, considering that it all but forgotten about a month ago. Now I just need to complete the impossible task of persuading my partner to allow me to keep it in our small London flat when it’s done! Construction details: Dome - GRP - as per the Radio Times plans. 'Ears' are L'Oreal roll-on deodorant lids which turn out to be exactly the right proportions for a MK 3 dalek. Neck - 18mm MDF and wooden dowels, cut with an angled band saw and jig saw, held together with hot glue and screws. Speaker cloth will be used. Shoulders - 8mm MDF, card and wood glue. Collar and belt are aluminium. To be modified in line with accurate blueprints, then mesh and solar panels to be added at a later date. Skirt - 18mm MDF frame, 8mm MDF panels. 100mm plastic hemsipheres hot glued into the holes (slightly loose fit!) Fender - to be constructed. Appendages - 100mm plastic hemispheres for joints and eyepiece, plastic and metal pipes, aluminium rods for the gun, clear polystyrene sheet for the disks and iris. Jam jar lid for the end of the eyepiece. I'll be sure to update you when she's finally complete.
  • Fox's Genesis Dalek
    I already started a thread on this, But i figured because i messed it up the first time, i'd have another go. Here are the results i have for now.
  • Doctorjer’s Dalek
    Wade: Here is the latest work on our Dalek! I used giant poster paper to create templates of the skirt section of the Dalek. This should be perfect unlike the last time I made the panels out of MDF. (It is rather difficult to work with millimeters in the USA LOL) I am pretty confident these are the correct measurements and I’ll start cutting them soon. The great thing with paper templates is I can create more than 1 Dalek! Maybe I’ll make an army in the future, there are many possibilities! 🙂
  • Daleacre's NSD
    Hello all! After umming and ahhing over a project to make after finishing my BB-8, I have finally settled on making a Dalek. I have always wanted a robot I can hide in whilst opperating my other droids; I dont want to ruin the illusion by following him around with a transmitter. The NSD was the very first time I saw a Dalek (Christopher Eccleston was my first Doctor) and I love the clunkier design! Plus, you can fit inside! Thinking realistically, I have decided to set a budget of £800. This should cover everything I need, including paint and a whacking great Li-Ion battery! More posts to come, and I can't wait to show you guys my innovative solutions to problems I encounter. Wish me luck! - - - - - First bits coming toether! As an electronic engineering graduate, I decided to fix the voice changer first. Thanks to John Darley for sending me out my circuit board super quick, and to RF Potts (Derby, UK) for getting me all of the components I needed. Super helpful shop, would thoroughly recommend them for single components! Now, the build instructions for the MK5e suggest you get 1% tolerence parts. I will confess, I didnt get these. I just used whatever I could get, and (rather surprisingly) IT WORKED. Like I mentioned, I have a masters in electronics so I understand how the circuit works and what parts can be swapped, etc. That said, there are instructions for a reason, AND YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THEM. Dont be like me... Plans were easy to follow, soldering was straight forward, and the circuit worked first time. I'm colourblind, and I only made one mistake. Thanks for the great plans, John! PCB; £5 Components; £10 Mic; £11 Total; £25
  • Project Illumination
    Good news everybody! Another new pair of Daleks is facing creation. My husband and I have started a Dalek building journey together, but our supreme beings are going to be a bit different than the norm. He is creating a steampunk version (build diary starting soon!) while I am attempting a full sized, illuminated stained glass like construction inspired by Chris Thompson's CG dalek "Stainley." (pictured below) I will lean heavily on his design because it is so stunning, but mine won't be an exact duplicate. For one thing, I plan on some very specific scenes in the "stained" glass. Each round circle at the top of the skirt will feature a doctor's portrait, with the scene below being inspired by that incarnation of the doctors specific interaction with the daleks of that time. It will be motorized. I'm getting an electric wheelchair this weekend and I can't wait to get started. I've downloaded the blueprints for the NSD to use mainly for measurements and to determine the necessary internal support structure. I plan to back light as much as possible to show off that "stained glass" effect (or rather acrylic painted with alcohol inks). I also want my dalek to be as interactive and COMFORTABLE for me as possible. Shoot-for-the-moon plans included front and rear facing webcams as well as one in the eyestalk with a small array of tablet or phone screens inside for navigation ease; some sort of air circulation, fan or who knows- maybe I'll figure out something else; cupholders; a back rest on the seat and more! I think the clear dome might actually count as a moon-roof! LOL
  • John K's Next 60s Dalek (JK4)
    I'm making another 60's Dalek, pretty much with the same criteria as I made my first one; -as far as possible I should match the materials, design and build technicalities as Shawcraft themselves used in the 60s. -I can mix and match authentic design elements as I fancy, this is not meant to replicate any specific Dalek from the 60s. It's going to be another Power/Evil type, and I'll be going over much of the same ground, so in this thread I'll only focus on new things.. and the first new thing is that I have decided is that I'd like to make a Dalek with wooden antennae boxes! I decided that I should finally make up my own shoulder mould for this, so took one of my casts with gunboxes, chopped the boxes off, sanded down the rough bits, put plasticard over the holes and then fibreglassed patches in. Easy to type, ages to do. The cast I worked from is exceedingly authentic, but clearly has been painted, bumped, knocked, chipped and sanded numerous times over the years. So, I decided do remediate these problems as far as possible. I used P38 filler, Durabuild surface primer and Halfords Hi-Build Primer in various combinations, along with a lot of wet and dry sanding. I started with 60-grit and worked up to 2000-grit for a nice smooth finish. Afterwards, I cleaned it with degreaser, built up the mould dividers and supporting structures, filled gaps with plasticine, then applied five coats of honey wax. Oh, almost forgot...before I did all that; the other thing that bugged me was that the shoulders were not exactly flat, top or bottom, nor were the top and bottom precisely parallel. To this end, I cut wooden 1-inch square wooden pieces of various thickness and using a spirit level and wedges, glued these strategically to the top and underside of the shoulders so that it sat level on a flat surface. I then painted some gelcoat in the appropriate shape onto a flat melamine faced board, then sploshed resin mixed with choppies all over it. I then squished the bottom of the shoulders into it. Let that cure, released, then repeated the same process to the top. Then the tedious sanding and filling... Result; a level set of shoulders with about 5mm extra height (which is easy enough to lose when trimming the casts in due course). Moulds should always be a different colour to the casts you are likely to pull, so I wanted to find a colour that I would never, ever cast up a piece in. So I got some RAL Telemagenta pigment. It's shocking. But oddly delicious looking. Thus far, I have applied two layers of gelcoat and the first layer of re-inforcement. Elsewhere, I have already made a mould for movie shoulders, that I intend to use for a Genesis style Dalek in due course. I'll create a thread for that once it picks up steam.

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