Scale Daleks

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In situations where building a full size Dalek in impractical for reasons of storage etc, members often take the plans and scale them down to produce wonderful Dalek models.

These pages features some of the model Daleks from the Project Dalek Forum's 'Scale Daleks' section. Some of the featured builds are adapted versions of commercially available model kits, such as the Sevans 12" Dalek kit and the larger Sevans 3rd scale Movie Dalek kit. Others are completely scratch built...


Dan L's Comet Miniatures Dalek

scale danlbigDanL's Dalek, photo 2.

Dan says...

"I just remembered that I had built a Comet models Dalek many years ago, & thought it was in the loft. After a good hunt here he is, still in one piece, a little dusty & paint going a tad yellow, but he's now got pride of place next to my monitor, to give me some inspiration. Also to keep an evil eye on me! Hope you like him".

Thalspy's 'Mini Genie'

Thalspy's radio control mini-GenieThalspy, Genie screengrab.

Mini Genie was the original inspiration behind Grant's full size Dalek build, featured in the Showcase section. Mini Genie was originally a standard Product Enterprises 12" remote control Dalek, before being stripped down and heavily modified, including 360ยบ dome rotation! Full details of this customization are available in the 'Mini Genie' topic, on the Forum.

Stan's Dalek

Stan's scale Dalek modelStans scale Dalek build.

This is a half size Dalek which is motorized. Stan made his own PCBs to control the Dalek. Having made other models, Stan made certain he had easy access to everything inside the Dalek. The overall the cost was $600. (included several one off costs like the PCBs, that could be used in many projects). See more of Stan's Dalek here.

Adrian's (Adrwis1's) Dalek

Adrian's scale Dalek modelScale adrwis1 1970s Dalek.

Adrian says, "This was my first attempt at building a Dalek scaled down from the full sized plans. It was built from balsa wood and plasticard, with a GRP dome (2nd attempt).The dome lights are plastic paint pots found in several recent Airfix starter boxes. No electrics in this one, I might eventually get around to motorizing a later version (Movie or Invasion Earth Dalek) as they have a larger base to hide r/c vehicles under". 

Robert K's Sevans Dalek

Sevans movie Dalek conversion.Sevans two footer kit

In between working on his full size Dalek, Robert worked on a Sevans 2 foot Movie Dalek, but modified it into a TV version. He discarded the movie fender and made a TV fender out of 12mm MDF and spray painted it semi-matt black. The sucker and dome lights were made up from parts he had in his spares tin. The rest of the kit is as supplied and spray painted in the Hartnell livery from "The Chase" - "Dalek Master Plan."..