Catfood Rob: New Series Dalek

Main Photo

Rob's New Series Dalek was painted in paints from Colorite and are exactly as supplied to the BBC for the "Parting Of The Ways" Daleks. Rob says, "That doesn't mean that these are the only colours used by the BBC on these Daleks, also weathering was in several shades, not just black. We may never know the truth, but again, just for now, he stays as is".

Rob's Dalek also has an optional set of patched 'Dalek Thay' back panels. They were made on the spur of the moment one evening amid sanding down hemispheres (a tedious job). He simply picked up the Character Options 12 inch Dalek toy and copied his panel patterns freehand onto 4mm MDF. So far, this is the only replica to feature these panels, as seen in "Daleks in Manhattan".

How it was done...

The neck struts were cut by a local woodwork shop. They did enough for two necks for a box of biscuits ...not a bad price. The neck wasn't fully assembled and glued together until the rings were undercoated. Rubbing them down is far easier before the neck is built.

The skirt was made using 12mm MDF top and bottom with 6mm panels. This picture shows the lining-up stage. Box section spacer assembled in the centre and the rearmost skirt section placed to set the spacing. A spare piece of MDF sat against the front edge to make sure it visually holds up.

The mounting ring for the dome: The distance that the support ring needed to be, inside the dome, to allow the dome to sit over the neck rings, was calculated. Spacers were made to allow the support ring to sit square and even. Wooden crescents were screwed to the support ring, and the whole lot sat inside the dome.

Here we see the fender section under construction. The outer edges were made from 6mm MDF and assembled using no-nails glue. The interior seams were later strengthened with fibreglass, as a back up to the no-nails. The infill pieces were added with edges chamfered manually using a cool small file/rasp set.

Novelty Capsule Company ball halves were used for the hemispheres. The bolts were attached using hot glue and smear of filler, for support. Each one was sanded down and the outer dimple filled. The filler was rubbed down and sprayed with plastic primer, then filler-primer, before being sanded to a smooth finish.

One of the finishing touches was to add the detail Allen bolts to the fender. These were all drilled freehand, using reference photos, no measuring necessary A 3mm (1/8") drill was used, this allowed the 4mm Allen bolts to self tap their thread through the MDF fender, meaning no nuts required on the inside.


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