Darth Muppet: Winston

Main Photo

Another Dalek from our extensive archive. This build started in July 2008, through until completion, around December of the same year. Mark's Dalek, Winston sports a unique colour scheme which makes him very distinctive. His primary aim was to raise money for charity.

Winston raised funds for charities such as the British Heart Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Research, as well as doing school visits and attending shows.

How it was done...

The skirt panels were fixed in place with panel pins and the internal joints strengthened with fibreglass. The top overhangs were smoothed with an electric sander to make everything nice and smooth. After the panels wee added to the frame, the two internal side struts were removed as the structure was strong enough without them. This gives more room inside and also marginally cuts down on the weight.

Here we see the wiring for the main eye LED. In the photo it is wired it up to a separate 9v battery that is fixed to the dome plate. A 370 ohm resistor was used, in series, so as not to blow the LED. An illuminated locking push switch was also fitted, so that the eye could be manually switched on from inside the Dalek. The illuminated switch shows the operator when the eye was on or off.

The neck and dome assembly was originally painted in the usual new series Dalek colours. Behind the mesh, voile was originally fitted but proved unsatisfactory. It was replaced with fine plastic mesh, purchased from a garden centre. This was cut to size, sprayed black and attached to the inside of the neck bin with some screws and washers. This made a lot of difference, really helping to hide the operator.

In the Photo we see a Vader Voice kit. This underwent modifications to help with the flashing of the dome lights. Although the kit was not hard to put together. A replacement box was purchased from Maplins as the one supplied was too small after the modifications were added. The new one has lots of spare space in it, so the components aren't in contact and have plenty of room.

The shoulders, constructed from MDF, are pictured here in their raw state. As part of the tidying up process foam filler was added and then trimmed back ready for further filling. A kitchen knife was used to trim the bulk off, then a single Stanley blade to do the finer edges. A foam sanding block was used to gently sand the excess off and get a nice 45 degree slope.

Pictured here with the partially constructed shoulders, the base sections were grip-filled and then fibreglassed around each joint for added strength. The underside of the fender was given a really generous coating of white emulsion paint. This is because cold blue cathodes lights were later added and the white paint gives good reflection and light dispersal.


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