Horse 62: NSD, 'Dennis'

Main Photo

Dennis made his first public appearance at the Wings & Wheels 21st anniversary event, North Weald airfield, Essex.

Since his completion in June 2007, Dennis has been busy helping fundraise for the Kent Air Ambulance.

He was also at the Kent County Show helping Demelza House raise much-needed funds for sick children. Dennis made the Meridian news, with a brief clip of him in action. Andy says, "It’s a GREAT FEELING being a Dalek owner".

How it was done...

The skirt panels are 5mm ply. The rear panel was fixed first, using a removable 2”x1” batten to support the top of the skirt towards the front. Then the two front-most panels were offered into place and fixed with the aid of a second pair of hands. The rest of the panels were then marked out cut and fixed into place one by one.

Positioning neck rings: Two bits of plywood cut to the height of the assembled rings, with a slot cut halfway in the centre so the two parts can be slotted together. The rings were glued and screwed and then pushed down onto the X shape perfectly centralising them. They were then left until the glue dried.

Here are the completed shoulders and gun boxes. A section of plywood was put across the front of the shoulders, on the inside, to help fix each gun box in position. The ply has a 110mm hole cut in the face to allow the ball joints to operate freely (when the final holes are cut). The ply makes the section is rock solid.

The slats were made from 18mm MDF with a piece of 12mm glued centrally, at an angle. This was then run through a bench saw to become 15mm thick. Then two pieces of 12mm MDF were glued to the back of each slat to fill the recess. A 16mm flat wood bit was used to create the countersink for the 6mm coach bolts.

The fender is seen here with temporary aluminium angles fitted. They were used to support the centre join, keeping the fender level. They were removed once the PU adhesive had cured. The steel chassis (yet to be constructed), for the wheelchair mechanism fully supports the fender and the weight of the whole Dalek.

Here we see the fender-mounted on the custom made chassis. The chassis was constructed from scrounged steel offcuts. After initial construction, the back end needed raising about another 10mm or so as it was grounding during testing, around the workshop!


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