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Between January 2007 and July 2011, Steve built two 2005 series Daleks. The first was originally in the conventional bronze colour scheme, but with a black dome.

The second was painted in silver with blue hemispheres, a colour scheme closely associated with 1960s Daleks. The first build was later resprayed in the same 1960s colour scheme as the second. They were painted this colour (along with three other Daleks), for the production of a fan film version of 'Power of the Daleks'.

When assembled together, in the same room, these Daleks look breathtaking... the classic colours and uniformity knocking the spots off the modern versions. Being as the build process is essentially identical for both Daleks, the information below is also relevant to both builds.

How it was done...

The new series style dome was created using an Imperial Dalek dome mould as the starting point. Plastruct and plasticard was cut to size and added to the inside of the mould, in order to form the grooves and indentations. The mould was then gel coated and matted as normal.

Here we see the process of moulding from existing shoulders. Gel coat and fibreglass is applied up to the white returns, creating the mould section. The process is then repeated for the other sides. Although the final mould released all around very quickly, it had undercut on the bottom return. Steve got the first two pieces off quite easily, with a bit of levering, but the last one took more time and more force.

This is the same process used to create a fender mould. In this instance all went well and the mould virtually fell off the MDF original, with no damage to it whatsoever. It did however have a couple of bits of gel-coat requiring remedial work. The fender moulding process followed, creating a fibreglass duplicate of the original MDF version.

To create the slat moulds, master slats were made up in MDF and then used to create moulds. The MDF mould boxes were sealed round the edges with Araldite to ensure that the silicon didn't leak out. The inside of the slat was moulded first with Plasticine used to fill up the gaps. Once this part had set, the mould was turned over, the Plasticine removed and the process repeated.

Steve originally thought he would not bother with a neck bin, fitting a ring to the top of the neck rods, as a platform for the dome to turn on. However, he wasn't entirely happy about how flat the Heronrib was sitting against the rods at the top. Because the rods were made of resin, he couldn't screw the Heronrib into them, so decided to make up an internal neck bin which would be a tight fit and push the Heronrib completely flat against the rods.

Steve worked out the positions for the slats with card stuck lightly on to the shoulders. Once he was happy with the position he started mounting them. Once they were all on, he could see that some fitted better than others, and decided to have a go at the 'filler and clingfilm trick' that he first saw mentioned on the Project Dalek Forum. Verdict from Steve: "It's a damn good method for filling, is all I can say!"


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