Zeked: Zek

Main Photo

Zek is another superb 'Genesis' style Dalek build with amazing attention to detail.

Zeked says, "Zek actually does have a creepy, Daleky, menacing feel about him - which I like. The few wee nippers who've actually seen him even before completion ran away so fast they left scorch marks on the patio. Amazing, one minute they were at the door to the garage - the next... GONE!"

Zek was exhibited at Hertford Museum, in their planned Doctor Who exhibition.

How it was done...

Here we see Zek's completed skirt section with three coats of MDF sealer/primer, three of grey primer, two of Rover Tempest Grey, and two of clear lacquer - plus a little filling and rubbing down. In the foreground, you can see some hemispheres ready to be test fitted.

The plastic hemispheres were filled with expanding foam to make them more solid. The hemispheres used had slightly different heights and had to have additional strips of plastic added to them to pull them back inside the skirt section, so they would be the same size on the outside.

The neck section taking shape. The glued clover-leaf-shaped struts fit into the holes, but at this stage, they are quite tight. The general angle looks OK though. Note that the inner cut to the neck ring is still to be done.

The first fitting of the dome on neck cage assembly. The domelights don't look so high and close together in real life. Also shown is the longer Genesis eyestalk with ring spacers cut and fitted... but not fixed permanently at this point.

The neck bin was covered with weed-block matting, which is nice and black outside but gives good vision from inside. Staples were used to attach the matting to the neck bin, in sections, using a hammer. Note the small dome-rotation wheels.

The partially completed shoulder section, half-clad in bendy MDF. The inside edges were later fibreglassed along the joints for added strength and stability. The second section of the shoulder 'skin' was later added using a hot glue gun, with plenty of clamps to keep it in position.


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