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What Is The Project Dalek Forum?


The Project Dalek Forum is the central 'hub' of the Project Dalek community. It is where members discuss their Dalek builds and talk about all aspects of Dalek construction, design and operation.

Joining the Forum is easy. Register an account by clicking the 'Sign Up' link in the top menu (right side drop down on mobile devices). Alternatively, click on the banner above and it will take you to the 'PDF' front page. If you are already a member, click the 'Sign In' link and you will have instant access.

Joining is free, though we do encourage new members to join using the 'Active Membership' subscription package, which gives instant access and access to some great extra features. For free membership, your account is queued for validation which can take a while to process. All members have access to the 'Downloads' area where you will find the Dalek Plans and other useful booklets. You will also have access to the information on how to obtain the 'Dalek Builder's Workshop Manual'.

PDF is fully searchable, so you will have little difficulty finding an answer to your Dalek building questions. There is also a Gallery section where original Dalek reference photos can be viewed and submitted.

Like the rest of Project Dalek, the Forum is 'build focused' so there is little room for anything even remotely off-topic. The sections are constantly updated and distilled in order to make it as easy as possible for members to find the information they require.

Better than social media?

The Project Dalek Forum has a major advantage over groups active on Facebook and other social media platforms: Important Dalek construction information remains available permanently. It will never get lost or buried under mountains of trivia, as can happen on social media. When a member starts a Build Diary, other members can follow their progress and the whole construction process is documented chronologically, from start to finish. It is never lost, watered down or removed. The Forum has posts going back well over ten years. Much of the information contained within them is still relevant and useful for builders today.

Another advantage is that once a member is logged in, they will never have to scroll through any advertising. The Project Dalek Forum is not 'click driven'. This means that it doesn't rely on a constant feed of new posts to generate revenue. The value of the Forum is in the quality of the information it holds, rather than the volume of daily posts.

One final advantage is that you can easily assess whether the help you are getting is actually helpful! When advice is offered by other members, it only takes a couple of clicks to check their profile and see whether they are likely to be offering good advice, based on the projects they have been involved with. The Forum also has a reputation system to help with this. Social media is full of 'experts' and some of the advice we have seen being given out is laughable. If you're serious about getting things right, a Forum account and a Build Diary are essential starting points.

If you are using the Project Dalek plans and other resources to build your Dalek, then please consider giving something back in the form of a Build Diary. When you are a regular Forum contributor, new members benefit from your experiences and come to respect your opinions and rely on your advice. This makes for a great community!


What subjects does PDF cover?

  • Plans and downloads
  • Classic 60s Daleks, 70s Daleks
  • 1980s Imperial and Renegade Daleks
  • The 'New Series' 2005 design Dalek
  • The 'New Dalek Paradigm design.
  • Custom Dalek Designs, some exclusive to Project Dalek
  • Classic Davros chair (including plans)
  • New Series Davros chair (including plans)
  • Builder's diary section (the core information resource)
  • Working with fibreglass
  • Working with wood, metal, plastic and other materials
  • Producing parts using 3D Printing
  • Painting your Dalek
  • Dalek construction, section by section
  • Electronics
  • Voice modulators
  • Fully motorising your Dalek
  • Dalek prop history
  • Computer-generated Daleks
  • Scale model Daleks
  • Events and meet-ups
  • Much, much more

The Dalek Map Panel

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