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16 December 2019

  • By Capt Zeanie's NSD - Dalek Zeanie
    Hi, Here is my obligatory first build post. I am doing a NSD based on the Imperial Guard in the episode "The Parting of the Ways" with maybe a little freestyle thrown in. I hope it will be a motorised and controllable with a Raspberry Pi. Hopefully the eye will be a small IR Illuminated CCTV camera with movable IR Filter providing a live steam back to my phone/tablet. I have built several large size model high power rockets several years ago that would fly up to 1 mile in altitude, so I have some model building experience. First steps is going to be the Dome. I have not done much fibreglassing in the past, so I will concentrate on making a plug, then Mold and then the actual dome over the next few months, so lots of watching general fibreglass video on youtube before I start.
  • Dalek Judi
    Hello dear Dalek friends, I apologize in advance for my somewhat poor English skills. However, I want you to participate in the construction of a Dalek. I decided to build one about 10 weeks ago. I'm a big fan of the Daleks ❤️🥰 In the last few weeks I have created several 3D models, which I print with on my 3D printer. Today I started with the test print with one of the small eyedisks. I hope it will sucessful best regards Chillikröte🐢
  • SWD - Dotty
    Hi All, Second build log for the restoration of my SWD Dotty, who has quite a tale to tell. I am actually Dotty's fourth owner, however the condition she came to me in is far away from how she began life. Dotty first appeared at a convention in Stoke on Trent called dimensions in 2004. she was one of the lots that formed the charity auction that was held. Her first owner a man called Andy purchased her with his bid of £2000, this was the opening and only bid. After the auction she was asked to be displayed in London for the 40th Anniversary of Doctor Who, during which time her then owner joined the Hyde Fundraisers. Dotty was a regular feature for there events all around the country and featured along side Terry Molloy in the stage show 'The Trials of Davros'. When Doctor Who returned to our screens in 2005 she was featured on the BBC 1 o'clock and 6 o'clock news, clips are available to view on YouTube. During this time Dotty was shown to many members of the Doctor Who cast many of which signed the inside of her dome and Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred signing inside her mid section. It is from here that Dotty's story takes a turn for the worst. Due to space constraints Andy needed to sell Dotty, he in all good faith sold her on to another collector who he believed would take care of her. She then disappeared for about 10 years resurfaced on a facebook ad for sale. During the 10 years she had for half the time been stored in an outside barn, then for the other five outside on a pallet in a field. Dotty found new hope in a young lady named Shayla who herself and her partner are life time Who fans. They purchased her with the intention of restoring her to her former glory. But, due to ill health they were unable to carry out any restoration work on Dotty so she sat in the garage, until she need to be sold. This is where I became Dotty's fourth owner. I spotted an listing on eBay for a SWD, upon looking at the pictures I thought how can anyone think they can sell this. Then reading through the description of what this Dalek had done during its life and to end up as it had was quite shocking. The history in the signatures that adorned the inside of her dome, that had amazingly not been damaged within her time outside, sold it to me. I got in contact with Shayla and made an offer, which was accepted. So one sunny Saturday in August of this year, me and my friend traveled the 231 miles from my home in Bedfordshire to Pembrey in South Wales to collect Dotty and bring her back to her new home So that is the story of Dotty the SWD so far. I am currently restoring her to her former glory. I will post my current progress soon, as this post has quite a bit of info in it. Any questions I will be happy to answer and any comments are welcomed. Thanks Connor
  • Sandy’s Necros Dalek
    Well here goes nothing, have decided to start my third Dalek, this time it’s going to be a Necros. As I found out that the original moulds were used to make Daleks for Liverpool international Garden Festival in the 1980s I may finish it as that or even maybe make yet another. 😂
  • HumanDalek18's Planet Supreme
    Hi All, First time posting a build log, so bear with me on this. At the department where I work we like to make large display models to show of our facilities and just for the fun of it. The new project we have begun is to build something unique, so nothing better than the Planet of the Daleks Supreme. I started the project yesterday and so far I have completed the eye stalk. I may redesign the lens at some point but it works fine for now. It has all been 3D printed and currently has an LED lighting it which I may change out later we shall see. The next step is to get the Dome printing on one of our large format FDM printers and then start work constructing the skirt. Any comments or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Connor
  • NSD / Custom TDP
    Hi all been on here over a year, and just read and read, build diaries, Not sure how this will go, and will only have weekends, coz off work commitments, Not sure what this will be yet, maybe nsd bottom,tdp shoulders, and nsd dome, Or a complete one or the other. It all depends how the dome works out which is where I'm starting, Here's what I did so far, before it got dark,
  • Doctorfishstix's NSD
    Well planning has begun. I'm currently trying to research imperial measurements for the different Dalek pieces but it's looking like I'm going to have to stick with good old metric. Also not sure what the best materials to use would be. I've considered using plywood for the base and the skirt and aluminum for the shoulders up, and MSD or some better material for the dome. Any suggestions in these areas or ideas on where I could find the info I'm looking for?
  • Planet Supreme - Supreme Dalek Striker
    Hello all! 🙂 We have decided to build our 3rd Dalek (yes I said 3rd 😂) and its something very special that nobody else has done and only a few are made in this country! So I'm proudly present Dalek Striker, based on the Planet Supreme from Planet of the Daleks! Work has commenced and the gun is made already but working on the Dalek itself, will officially start early next year. Hopefully, fingers crossed. He will hopefully be ready in time for the next Gathering. 😃 So here are the couple of pictures of the gun itself and work on the casing will start early next year. I will keep updating this diary as more progress is made.👍
  • Marinedalek's Dead Planet Dalek
    Well, here we go again! My Planet Dalek fell by the wayside some time ago for various reasons, and the plans to which it was built were superseded, so I've decided to start afresh right at the beginning. I'm aiming to replicate original construction methods where practical, so the first order of business will be to make up plugs for fibreglass moulds of the skirt and shoulder sections. Given that I'll be reproducing one of the original four props, the shoulder section mould will just be for the plain shoulder profile, with no gunboxes. In terms of look, I'm aiming for how the Daleks appeared in episode 2, "The Survivors", fresh from Shawcraft. I haven't quite decided on which prop to build but for the moment this won't make a huge amount of difference. One thing I have decided on though, is that I want to construct the gun using perspex rails and collars. From careful squinting at episode 2, I've come to suspect that all four props initially left Shawcraft with perspex gun rails/collars. Dalek 2, which fires on Ian in close-up, certainly does. Also in episode 4, Dalek 1 apparently has one or more rods snapped during the struggle in the cell. Also, throughout episode 2 there are occasional shots that show distinctive hallmarks of the perspex gun construction; rods "illuminated" by studio lighting at certain angles, rather than the reflective highlight expected on metal rods. Also the gun collars are slightly chunkier and lighter in shade than the later metal ones. Dalek 4 is seen gesturing for Ian to move with the others in the Daleks' first scene and its gun displays this characteristic. I've made a mock-up of the gun in Blender to test collar dimensions, rod bend radius etc.: I've also started work on the skirt section plug by marking out and beginning to cut the lower and top frame from 18mm MDF. It's a little overkill but I just want it to be a nice sturdy form to take a mould from. Please pardon the mess in the shed - I really need to tidy it up! Acrylic tube and rod stock for the gun is on its way, so stay tuned for heat-bending experiments!
  • Dalekdrwhofan's NSD
    Hello all! This is Day 1 off my Dalek being made! Me and my dad have been looking forward to finally start building, so here it is! The first thing we did is hop over to Wickes to get some MDF and ply but could not find any were the right wood thickness! So we headed off to B&Q and got exactly what we needed. In many build diaries and online videos we had seen the frame for the skirt being built first, so we decided to do that. Looking around on the booklet, we found the measurements for the skirt frame so we started our work. After posting one of our queries about the plans we finally understood the measurements (Thanks to those on the forum who helped us) . We soon realised we had to draw out the outer plans and then deduct 6mm for our MDF panels. So we set down a tarp and started drawing After reading the plans many a time we realised there was a lot of math involved. Also we started drawing at the back which made it difficult as the plans and dimensions make it easier to start from the front (oops).We knew that after drawing we would have to deduct 6mm from our outline to ensure the panels fit correctly, so after drawing we used a 6mm wooden panel to redraw our design (but make it 6mm smaller).After drawing out our first outline we measured the length of our dalek and found it was to the exact millimeter specified in the plans!! As it started to get dark, we had to get a move on to finish on time! But eventually, we managed to finish the new inside drawings. That's all for now! I wish you a happy halloween! Yours Matt! Age 11 Doug Age <Not specified!>
  • Dwloyalist's 60s Dalek Refurb
    I recently purchased a Dalek from someone who had a custom build done a few years back. It was clearly not made by any of the plans on this site but it looks nice, and knowing that I was a not an fly by Whovian the price was right. I am posting this here because it is my intention to in the end have it 60s tv style. This is a referb build. So far my list of things done. 1. strip him down - I have done this to the base and mid section. 1a. Remove the hemis - almost half of these where gone and needed replacing. While stripping it I discovered they used what seemed to be soup container lids to make the nsd black rings around the hemi's and had thus decided to drill the holes for the hemi's to small. 3. expand the hemi holes - This has been the most time consuming as I do not poses the tools to do in any fast fashion. Some hand rasps and files. They look so much better but I am so far from done with those. 4. Reinforce missing support and repair split seams. This builder did not use the pans from here and the "table" part of the base was not made to support the weight of the top. (please keep in mind I have ABSOLUTELY no idea who the original builder was so if it's your and you feel I am bashing it I am very sorry. It's super stunning it just needs some tlc 5. This Dalek as I said was initially a classic style painted nsd so the next thing to do was strip the paint off the aluminum sheeting jacket from the middle section. I also purchased some new hemi's and test painted them. I have been so far quite bad taking pics I shall endeavor to remember. Oh and my Dalek must have a name I just don't know what and I am open to suggestions.
  • SWD - Tidus
    Well guys onto the next Dalek, after building my first Dalek a death to the Daleks Dalek named Dalek Monty I've decided to move on to make a second Dalek. I was at odds on which Dalek I wanted to make, the three contenders where to make a Yellow New Paradigm, A Red Supreme or the Special Weapons Dalek from the magician/remembrance. I decided against doing the NDP as the group I will trundle with already has a white one in the group by the name of Dalek Orin made by @threegringos. I ruled out the Red Supreme solely on the base of lack of ease of access in and out of the Dalek, which was also a the biggest deciding factor when choosing which dalek to pursue as I am a big AND tall guy, having learned that I just barley fit into my first dalek. So in part of my planning process I'm planning on making the the shoulders separate with the rest of the upper body and potentially hinge it at the front (or back depending at the time of build) In another note unlike with Dalek Monty I will be adding some form of a C02 system into this dalek for maximum extermination. The effect I'm going for is more of a safe cannon effect than a blasting effect you see with other c02 Dalek systems. I do have some plans on how to achieve this but I'm open to ideas, DM me as I will not be posting in the main forums about the how it was constructed for the effect. Lastly in this post I'm reaching out to see if anyone has any ideas on how light this head without blinding the operator, the ways I have figured out how to do this pretty much reduces the outside visibility to nothing. I don't want to add outside cameras to see.
  • Brian's Variant
    Hi everyone I have started a new build diary as suggested by John.I have built 4 Daleks up to now although i didnt finish one but gave it to a lad in yorkshire ,which im interested how progress is going .When i first decided to build a Dalek i took the option of buying a split skirt shoulder and dome in fiberglass but decided to me that didn,t feel like i had made a Dalek so the fiberglass stuff got shoved in my garage and some in the bedroom and i went on to make my first one from start -finish the conventional way which there is a build diary for this.Then i went on to start another as a cell mate for the first one🙄this i got as far as making the skirt shoulders and neck bin ,then my wife started on to me about why I hadn,t built the one that i had paid a fortune for .Thats when i gave it away and decided to build the fiberglass one I got as far as forming the hemis and 3d printing the oil seals and sprayed it all up .Since then its been stood in the spare room and i couldn,t be bothered with it for the same reason i felt as i was just bolting someone elses work together .So I am going to use the skirt which is split for ease of getting it through my doors.It is the NSD and as i said I have the shoulder and dome which i will probably sell on .So today i took the plunge and started work on the shoulders I,d forgot how wobbly they can be till the glue sets I just hope there strong enough in the morning if I get chance I will get on with the gun box.I already have a gun made which is where the variant is because its the NSD gun which I like I love,I used the 3d files on here to print the front /rear gun boss which is a hell of a lot easier than when i made my MK1 Dalek gun😓.So thats the story so far I will try to keep it shorter in future but thats the story about my variant.Heres a couple of pics the ply is not as stated its 18mm thick but I bought a nice bit of kit today a bench sander so i have gien a slight angle on the lower part of the shoulder to compensate for the extra thickness as i will be using 6mm bendy mdf to skin it and it would of made the shoulder a tad too wide so thats it sorry for the boring post but hey thats me 🤔lol cheers >>>Brian

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