John's Sevans Dalek

Pink Movie Dalek

This is a Sevans '2 footer' Movie Dalek which was finished in pink at the request of John's daughter. In all respects (other than the colour scheme), it is quite accurate to the 2nd Movie Daleks. So much so that it was previously presented as a full size build, with history, on this site, as an April fool!

The bulk of the Dalek is made from fibreglass but the collars and slats have been custom made in thin alloy sheet, which makes them look very realistic. Each slat rivet was individually punched out of the same alloy, given a central 'dimple' using a centre punch and then carefully glued into position. The eye discs are made from the correct colour of blue Perspex which was carefully reduced in thickness to achieve the correct look for a scale build.

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